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Welcome to Eckhard Kruse's homepage!

Welcome to my personal home page!

Here you will find some information on my research on physical mediumship and the Ouija board. In 2013 I have published my book Der Geist in der Materie, an encounter of science and spirituality. Some information is provided here (mostly in German).

Regarding my hobbies and some (former) activities, there are pages regarding my short films, some can be watched directly here, (e.g. the one-minute short films Mouse trap, and Dyschromopia). I comment on some of the 3D effects I employed. Furthermore, you will find information on my short stories, and music.

And, of course, there is a reminiscence of my past of programming on the Atari ST, especially Ballerburg Game, which I programmed a quarter of a century ago, while still going to school. Today there are a number of remakes and enthusiasts play it on their mobile phones...

There are some talks, interviews etc. with me on YouTube, which I have linked in playlists on various topics.

(Note, some of the English content is only a short version of the German pages).

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Eckhard Kruse