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Music for short films
More information about the music I wrote for my short films is only available on the German page. Here, at least you can also download some mp3-snippets.

Example 1: Short film 'Too much care' (Zuviel Pflege) - 'Classical' music
Too much care Download example (mp3, 1:32 min, 1 MB, 96kBit/s)

Example 2: Short film 'potato dish' (Kartoffelgericht) - escape
Kartoffelgericht Download example (mp3, 1:14 min, 876 KB, 96kBit/s)
Example 3: Short film 'Mouse trap' (Mouse-Falle) - Mickey Mousing
Mousefalle Download example (mp3, 0:43 min, 517 KB, 96kBit/s)